marcelo silva

Trustee for International Support

Marcelo and his family have experience and
vision for Christian missions at home
(Brazil) and in Africa with WEC.
  • BTh (and an additional bachelor's)
  • Currently  working on post-graduate studies

Writing and Publication:

Michael Epp

Trustee for Vision and Advancement
Michael's experience is in mercy ministry and
missions at home and abroad. He is also an
agent of Great Commission Foundation.
  • Bachelor of Theology CCS '10
  • MATS '23
  • Currently working on post-graduate studies
  • Coffee, skiing, golf, outdoors, music.
Writing and Publication:
  • 2023' Master's Thesis: Aruged for the authenticity of Amos 9:11-15 .
  • 2023' Article: "Conflicting Visions: As it relates to Julian (332-63)"



ways of involvement....

Missions Strategy

Would you like to feel involved in missions or do you have a heart to serve God in Canada, or overseas? Let us know if you are interested.


Membership is for those who consider a commitment to the society by association of any of the activities (such as church, mission, Eleeo, school of theology[future], etc) to be important. 

volunteer staff

Are you interested in being on staff as a volunteer? Do you recognize the value of giving time to the kingdom of God? Let us know if this interests you!

Non-share Corporation

Rev the Nations is a non-share corporation. There are no individual owners of property or funds within a non-share corporation. There are no shareholders that donations can be used exclusively for or by or held in reference to. Non-share corporations are run by members and directors who are custodians of assets that come in and these assets are used primarily on the basis of donor designation and used according to charitable purposes.  Trustees are directors who are placed and removed by membership vote at any synchronic moment of time and are not owners within this type of corporation.