Marcelo Silva

Trustee for International Support

Marcelo and his family have experience and
vision for Christian missions at home
(Brazil) and in Africa [Senegal] with WEC.
  • Masters in Missiology [in process] (Centro Evagelico De Missoes)
  • Bachelor of Theology (FATE BH - Centro Universitario Metodista)

Writing and Publication:

Michael Epp

Trustee for Vision and Advancement
Michael's experience is in mercy ministry and
missions at home and abroad. He is also an
agent of Great Commission Foundation.
  • Master of Arts in Theology (LPU)
  • Bachelor of Theology (Christ College)
  • Coffee, skiing, golf, outdoors, music.
Writing and Publication:
  • 2023' Master's Thesis: Argued for the authenticity and congruency of Amos 9:11-15. 
  • 2023' Article: "Conflicting Visions: As it relates to Julian (332-63)"



ways of involvement....

Missions Strategy

Would you like to feel involved in missions or do you have a heart to serve God in Canada, or overseas? Let us know if you are interested.


Membership is for those who consider a commitment to the society by association of any of the activities (such as church, mission, Eleeo, school of theology[future], etc) to be important. 

volunteer staff

Are you interested in being on staff as a volunteer? Do you recognize the value of giving time to the kingdom of God? Let us know if this interests you!