Eleeo - Mercy ministry 
The ministry of Eleeo, technically began in 2001, at a small church church community in the lower mainland of BC, when donations came for the reaching of children and families and then to connect them to the church. 

At that time, it was decided on to name this ministry Eleeo, in Greek it basically means mercy, and to reach those in need.  The scripture also explains it is a spiritual gift (cf. Rm. 12:8) and that means the Holy Spirit uses more than the human action, and that people can experience God in acts of mercy done in faith. There is a grace in that a spiritual gift applied to acts of mercy, makes distinction of where people are able to respond to the gospel and the Lord working in the actions and using mercy to reach those in need conveying a nature and nuance of the gospel. 

Since that time, it has coincided mission work, not just at home, but also abroad.

Currently Eleeo programs are being run (1) where mission activity is taking place and personnel are working (2) and where the relevance based on context implies an incumbent and realistic need.