school of theology

A vision for the long-term future of Rev the Nations, is that under a different functioning name it will establish a chartered school of theology or divinity school in Canada which will be able to issue theological degrees. Through education, accepted students will gain tools and form ideas that contribute to thier lives in service of God in the world.

Periferal Purpose and Emphasis:
  • To create a think-tank for theology
  • Minimum standard for teachers is a Phd. While teaching assistance is accepted at the Master's level, nothing below Master's level will assume that assitance, and nothing below Phd will assume position as professor. Neither will assitance assume command of course or program, nor content or grading of students, but will take the role of a shadow.
  • Rigorous studentry selection will be weighted on merit within scholastics and also the substantiation of personal distinctions.

Do you have a suggestion for the name of the school? Send us any ideas you have below!