The effect of missions, should always lead those we reach for God with an avid possibility to be a part of fellowship in their own context. While the nations are God's design, he sees the nations and works in the nations of the earth. God has made the nations distinct and missions that rightly represent God's word do not undo those distinctions to make people like any one particular culture. The melting pot of Babel tells us, that this is not God's purpose in the international community of humanity to lose distinctive identity.
     So, while Christians are called to see the world, as a harvest field for the kingdom of God, it needs to be answered as to explain what the kingdom of God is. If it is not the changing and merging into one culture, or method, of a nation in this world, then what do we need to know about ourselves relating to our identity and calling? The kingdom of God, is a sphere that is different than our world's sphere, but where the intersection of these two spheres join, is where God is actively and immediately working. Where these two spheres intersect is where God is at work, and it is undistinguished by culture, race or age, or being female or male.
     This means, missionary activities at home, or in another culture, have to have an identity that understands the spherical identities. We are who we are, as persons distinct of our own nation, but we are also part of a sphere pertaining to kingdom aspects.
What the name means
      Rev the Nations denotes being part of the aforementioned purpose of God, in the gospel and moving people to be knowledgeable of the kingdom of God, in all the nations of the earth, through every means and whatever means, guided by the truth, as possible. It does not mean reverend, nor does it mean revolution, but "rev", like revving an engine, in a motif of spurring people on to know and do the will of God; bascially helping people get to experience that God is awesome.
     Rev the Nations is visioned to be a societal organization that is committed to a spherical cause that matters for eternity. Rev the Nations reasons that when our will is united with God's, (cf. Ps. 86:11) we will be passionate about the purpose of God (cf. Eph. 3:1-6) and things that matter, and we feel that our life counts for what really matters and we will be satisfied.
We partner with God, in his efforts and purpose to reconcile the world to himself through Jesus Christ. (cf. 2 Cor. 5:18) This is envisioned to be completed through preaching, education, mercy ministry, planting of houses of faith and fellowship, feeding those in need and other incidental ministry activities at home and in missions. This will be procured through the various activities and institutions of this society.
     Rev the nations is a non-profit organization and also a registered Canadian charity. To maintain both the intrinsic purpose of the organization as expressed as a Christian evangelical gospel ministry and also the charitable status requires oversight and that is why Rev the Nations is amplified by a board of directors which understands the role of the organization and one senator so as to keep the organization on the right path in activity and doctrine. This structure guides the purpose by assisting the totality of each part of the organization so as to avoid parts or programs or branches to be something different than what the organization is.

Non-share Corporation

      Furthermore, Rev the Nations is a non-share corporation. There are no individual owners of property or funds within a non-share corporation. There are no shareholders that donations can be used exclusively for or by or held in reference to. Non-share corporations are run by members and directors who are custodians of assets that come in and these assets are used primarily on the basis of donor designation and used according to charitable purposes. Trustees are directors who are placed and removed by membership vote at any synchronic moment of time and are not owners within this type of corporation.
     It is possible to view our current financials which express the functioning costs and and use of charitable funds below. For any questions about specifics more than what is provided you may email Rev the Nations.

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