As part of discipleship, Rev the Nations recommends resources with options for ordering that we are convinced hold particular value to the life of the church and the purpose of the organization to further the Christian faith, through the promotion theological thought, and its power to transform individuals and the world.
Putting one good theological book, into someones hand can change a life forever.

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The Psychology of Redemption

Conclusive truths about Christ's identification with us, and us as partakers in his saving work.

Rev The Nations T-shirts

Available in blue or white, small, medium, large and extra-large

The Mortification of Sin

Pastoral ministry at it's best, in the effort to help every Christ follower in dealing with overcoming sin in their life.

Rev The Nations Coffee Mug

Coffee mug for enjoying your daily grounds. And a reminder to say a prayer for the organization.


Gaining personal vision to know and do God's will

The work of the Holy Spirit

Essentail growth in our experience of God

Surprised by the Power of God

Jack Deer experiences God's power in undeniable ways. We can learn from his experiences so that we do not quench the Spirit when He works in our lives and churches.

Help Heavenward

Establishing our steps toward heaven, and not elsewhere. Encouragement in making our salvation confirmed

Waiting On God

Trusting God to work in every moment

Improving Your Serve

Learning what inspires servanthood is important. A book to help you be a true servant of others.

The Precious Things of God

The things in a Christian's life that have transcendent value

What the Spirit is saying to the Churches

What is Jesus specifically speaking to your church?