Faithful In Society

Daniel 1:8, "But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine..."

If you are a believer it means you are a world-Christian. Not worldly, in the characteristic, but that our world, is our neighborhood. The call of God, in some situations and times, will involve a more public demonstration of faithfulness like Daniel had to face. At other times we can remain faithful and live godly and quiet lives. In some ages, and also some situations and countries if you do what is right and you are considered or interpreted as hostile, the world may accuse you for your obedience to God and conscience as committing a crime in their eyes. Similar in idea to that of Christian and Faithful in Vanity Fair in the book, "Pilgrims Progress". The world has it's system that makes sense to them, but in light of God's truth, many times, is seen as foolishness, and always when and where it opposes God's ways. It is always better to be faithful to God, and endure. If you obey, and the world sees it as a crime, it means you did the right thing. Daniel was able to remain faithful, discern the difference and be used of God. God can do so in your life too.

Thought: Are there areas where you have been called on to not deny your faith and the result was the misunderstandings of society? Let Daniel's faith encourage yours, and you will find a friend in him.